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  • FFL: Playoff Week 3

    Portsmouth Spartans 52.14
    Shanghai Sharks 34.19
    INTO THE ABYSS 45.30
    Arkansas Black Stallions 56.85
    CAMELTOER 20.94
    FLYBOYZ 26.56
  • Standings

    Team WLT
    Portsmouth Spartans 8 6 0
    Arkansas Black Stallions 6 8 0
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    BIG POPPALICIOUS: 1/29 9:08p
    WINSLOW WARRIORS: 1/20 10:25p
    INTO THE ABYSS: 1/17 3:52a
    BROOKLYN BRAWLERS: 1/14 7:21p
    Arkansas Black Stall: 1/10 3:20p
    POOR BOYS RELIEF: 1/09 2:25p
    CAMELTOER: 1/04 8:25p
    FRISCO BAY BOMBERS: 1/02 10:48a
    Commissioner: 12/30 7:43a
    Portsmouth Spartans : 12/30 5:49a
    Shanghai Sharks: 12/30 4:40a
    CAROLINA CRUSH: 12/28 9:25p
    FLYBOYZ: 12/22 5:21a
  • NFL: Superbowl

    New England
    Feb 01 6:30 PM
  • Fantasy Football Player Notes RSS FeedPLAYER NOTES

    Peyton ManningJan 30 12:52p

    Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning may make a decision on whether he plans to return for another season in the near future, according to his dad, Archie Manning. Archie [ More ]

    Brandon MarshallJan 30 10:42a

    Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall may not return to the team in 2015, in the opinion of ESPNChicago.com's Michael C. Wright. The thinking is that Marshall and WR Alshon [ More ]

    LeSean McCoyJan 30 02:32a

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy has said he would restructure his contract to lower the $11.95 million cap hit for 2015, but he will not take a pay cut.

    Larry FitzgeraldJan 29 05:52p

    Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald's new contract should be able to get worked out this offseason, according to team president Michael Bidwill. 'Larry and I have met about it, [ More ]

    Earl ThomasJan 29 01:12p

    Seattle Seahawks FS Earl Thomas (shoulder) was administered a human growth hormone test by the league Wednesday, Jan. 28, and he believes it was directed at him after he [ More ]

    Austin CollieJan 29 03:33a

    Free-agent WR Austin Collie (Patriots) signed a contract with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

    Tom BradyJan 28 12:33p

    New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (illness) admitted that he is currently battling a cold, but he said he expects to be 100% ready for the Super Bowl Sunday, [ More ]

    Brandon MebaneJan 27 11:23p

    Seattle Seahawks DL Brandon Mebane (hamstring) said Tuesday, Jan. 27, that his hamstring surgery went well and he should be full go for the team's offseason program in April.

    Richard ShermanJan 27 11:23p

    Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman (elbow) has torn ligaments in his elbow, but he is improving daily and he is no longer receiving treatment for the injury.

    LeGarrette BlountJan 27 08:33p

    New England Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount should be a factor in Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, Feb. 1, in the opinion of Boston Herald writer Karen [ More ]

    Adrian PetersonJan 27 07:43p

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was directed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to meet with a league-assigned psychiatrist following Peterson's suspension. The National Football League Players Association is now [ More ]

    Rob GronkowskiJan 27 12:23p

    New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is an offensive weapon that the Seattle Seahawks are focused on shutting down during the Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1. Seahawks head coach [ More ]

    Trent RichardsonJan 27 10:43a

    Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson's one-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team voided the guarantee of a $3,184,062 salary in 2015.

    Josh GordonJan 26 02:13p

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon is in Stage Three of an alcohol program, which requires him to be tested for alcohol for a minimum of two years. His failed [ More ]

    Rob GronkowskiJan 26 02:03p

    New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski could cause a problem for the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XLIX, because the Seahawks defense allowed 11 touchdowns to tight ends this [ More ]

    Earl ThomasJan 26 02:03p

    Seattle Seahawks FS Earl Thomas (shoulder) said he won't miss the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots with a dislocated shoulder, but he also admitted that it won't [ More ]

    Odell Beckham Jr.Jan 26 01:52p

    New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) said he'll need to shut himself down this offseason in order to enter 2015 fully healthy and in great shape. He [ More ]

    Josh GordonJan 26 12:33p

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon tested positive for alcohol, according to sources, and his failed test will subject him to a possible one-year suspension. Gordon caught 24 passes for [ More ]

    Vontaze BurfictJan 26 12:23p

    Cincinnati Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict (knee) is recovering from microfracture surgery on his left knee, and the surgeon who operated on him is hoping that he will be at [ More ]

    Odell Beckham Jr.Jan 26 11:22a

    New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) said he played this season with two tears in his right hamstring, which never fully healed.